Long Black (Hot)

Long Black (Iced)

Cappuccino (Hot)

Latte (Hot)

Latte (Iced)

Kopi Kampong (Hot)

Kopi Kampong (Iced)

Teh Tarik (Hot)

Teh Tarik (Iced)

Teh O (Hot)

Teh O (Iced)

Milo Kaw (Hot)

Milo Kaw (Iced)

Lemon Tea (Hot)

Lemon Tea (Iced)

Lemon Grass Pandan Ginger (Hot)

Lemon Grass Pandan Ginger (Iced)

Ginger Honey (Hot)

Ginger Honey (Iced)

Barley Limau Nipis (Hot)

Barley Limau Nipis (Iced)

Bunga Roselle Soda

4 Sekawan Soda (Lemon, Lime, Kasturi & Kaffir)

Blue Pea Flower and Lemon Soda

Mineral Water 600ml

100 Plus 600ml

Coke 500ml

Upbeat Juices

Orange (Pure Orange)

Carrot Powder (Pineapple, Carrot, Ginger & Lemon)

Wonder Lemon (Guava, Pineapple & Lemon)


Skip the Straw!

We encourage you to cultivate the habit of drinking without straw. Please do not let our server know if you don't need one. Let's make it a habit to drink without straws. Help us preserve the environment.


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