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23 May 2016

We collaborated with Firefly Airlines giving out food and clothing for the homeless in Kuala Lumpur.


7 March 2017

We worked hand-in hand with Yayasan Salam to ensure the best experience for all the participants, by learning from each other. 


28 May 2018

We colaborated with Yayasan Salam for Projek Pek Raya Ceria.


31 Aug 2018

Kampong Kravers supported Projek57 to market Unity Ribbons for Merdeka month. These ribbon made by Orang Asli youth and Malaysian Volunteers. 




Payong di Kampong is an original trademark of Kampong Kravers

Kampong Kravers started as a small outfit to empower single mother. Today, our intention remains unchanged.


Products with “Payong di Kampong” labels are sourced from single mothers and less privileged from home-based traditional cottage industries. Kampong Kravers provides assistance in marketing and selling these products at selected Kampong Kravers outlet. Proceeds are channeled back to help them lighten any financial difficulties or until they are self reliant.


Kampong Kravers also recognized the need to promote Malaysians talent in art & crafts. Like food, our diversity and cultural influence have shaped the art & crafts today. We choose to use local artists in outlet and packaging design and we source baskets and displays from local craft men.

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