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World Bakers - Summer Edition 2017

“Who does it. Kampong Kravers, established in 2009, is a much-loved and popular brand in the local market. They make curry puffs in assorted flavors from age-old family recipes passed down through the generations. Kampong Kravers places strong emphasis on the quality of their products, using only the freshest of ingredients (herbs and spices), and their recipes are free of trans-fat and cholesterol, preservatives and artificial flavoring. What ultimately makes their puff ideal is that each puff is hand-rolled and crimped by hand in small batches. Then, each puff is stuffed generously before oven baked or deep fried to create that crispy, flaky pastry shell, concealing a rich filling.”

The Star - February 2016

Kampong Kravers co-founder Alya Abdullah started her first kiosk-styled, local food business in 2014 at the Pavilion. Today, the company, which sees itself as a socially-responsible business, operates eight outlets."


Eat Drink KL - September 2015

“Karipaps that meet the mark, showcasing a fresh-from-the-oven warmth, with a crisp, flaky skin that envelops substantially creamy, meaty fillings. We would be happy to munch on one of these for breakfast or a teatime treat several times a week.”


The Star - March 2015

The company’s curry puffs are made using an old family recipe that consists of freshly blended spices, herbs and a light melt-in-the-mouth layered pastry. The products are made daily and have no trans fat, added preservatives, colouring or MSG. They are also touted as being low in cholesterol.


BLD with Bob & Julie - March 2014

“Fancy having a karipap version of pineapple tarts? How about sweet durian custard stuffed into karipaps? If you answered yes to the above, Kampong Kravers deserves a spot on your makan list! Specialising in the art of making karipaps, the unassuming cafe provides a wide selection of this staple Malaysian snack!”

Utusan Online - August 2013


“Di Kampong Kravers, anda pasti tidak kecewa kerana mereka menyediakan karipap pusing premium yang terasa lengkap rempah-ratusnya dan lapisan pastri yang halus dan cair di dalam mulut.”

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